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PYS Preferred Parking Fundraiser Winner Announcement
by posted 05/09/2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hobomock Fields this weekend for a very windy, but great weekend of soccer.  We much appreciate your support for our Annual Preferred Parking Scholarship Fundraiser, helping to support our scholarship awards for current and/or former PYS players who are graduating this year.

The winning ticket number for the New England Revolution tickets is:  3711216

If you are holding the winning ticket, congratulations!  Please contact PYS President, Kevin Williams, at .

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Is your child interested in earning money as a referee?
by posted 01/11/2022

If your child plays soccer and is interested in earning money, becoming a soccer referee (Grade 8 level) is the perfect combination for them.

How do I become a referee?   Just follow the steps below:

1.       Create an Account at Massref.net

After you sign up, you will be sent an email with your password information. You will need to upload a clear headshot photograph to be included in your MSRC referee profile.

Note: You are creating a referee account! Please enter only the name and information for the person who will be refereeing — not the parent!

2. Enroll in 2 Courses

  • New Grassroots Referee – Entry Level.  Referee candidates must be at last 14 years old at the time of the course.
  • Field Session (trying to schedule one in Pembroke)

3.      Create an Account at US Soccer Learning Center and take course(s).

Click here to create an account at the US Soccer Learning Center. You will have multiple steps to complete within the US Soccer Learning Center in order to be certified.

Once you are in the enrollment/attendance phase of taking a course, you can get started on the Supplemental Courses that are available in the US Soccer’s Learning Center. The required Courses depend on your age:

·      The course called Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments or, more simply, Intro to Safety is required for ALL (Free)

·      The SafeSport certification is required for those 18 years old or old (Free)

·      National Background Check is required for those 18 years old or old ($30 covering 2 years)

Each of these requirements must be completed prior to your being certified as a referee. You should get started with these requirements even before attending the referee course. This will minimize any delay in processing your certification at the conclusion of the course.

4.      Complete Pre-Course, Online Study Modules 

A Massachusetts-specific link to the US Soccer Learning Center exists for Online Study Modules. In order to access the study modules, first, log into the US Soccer Learning Center and then click on the provided link. All students will be expected to have completed this pre-course work 72 hours prior to the course date. The time expected to complete the modules is 4-6 hours. The link is shown in the Notes section of your course listing under MyCourses in your MSRC Profile, as shown (click to enlarge).

5.      Attend a Course 

Attend the course that you have selected and learn all you can! For in-person courses, plan to arrive early and bring something to write with, something to write on, a snack, water, and your Registration Letter. For online courses, prepare to be in a safe location with limited distractions during the meeting; you will need a suitable web camera and microphone to be used continuously during the session.

6.       Attend a Field Session (working on getting one in Pembroke)

Referee practical training will take place at an in-person, field session in locations around the state. Each referee must attend a field session to complete certification.

7.      Complete the Post-Course Test 

Once you enrolled in and paid for a course, you can log in to your MSRC Account and go to your MyStatus tab to see Pass Certification Test. Click on Online Test to get to the test. One may take the test multiple times to achieve the passing score.         

8.      Get Your Badge! 

Once you have completed the “paperwork” (modules, test, Supplemental Courses), you will be a certified referee and a referee badge will be sent to you! Your name will appear on the lists used by referee assignors. You do not need to wait to communicate with an assignor directly and tell the assignor of your interest in getting started!

Grade 8 Referees: Grade 8 is the entry level for new referees aged 14 and older. Once certified, these referees can expect to be working competitive or recreational games in Youth or Adult Leagues and Tournaments depending on the age of the referee.

As referees advance to higher grades they are required to demonstrate their continued qualification through "maintenance" assessments and sustained high level competition experience.


Approximately 90% of all referees in Massachusetts are Grade 8.

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2021-2022 Boys and Girls Select Teams
by posted 08/30/2021

We want to congratulate the following players for being selected for our Select teams in the Boys and Girls U12 and U14 Divisions for the 2021-2022 Year:


U12 Girls                                                       U12 Boys

Avery Cannell                                                 Declan Carey

Alexis Doton                                                   Nathan Comeau

Ainsley Fay                                                     Hunter Glass

Emmy Giese                                                    Shane Joyce

Lily Hannon                                                     Ben Motta

Ellen Holmes                                                   Ryder Nuget

Taylor Mckinnon                                             Casey O’Callaghan

Riley McCafferty                                             Liam O’Neill

Raelin McMullen                                             Sam Ruggiero

McKenzie Mikkola                                          Quinn Rushing

Lauren Minogue                                               Jack Shea

Ella Riley                                                          Aidan Simmons

Paige Steinkrauss                                              Aidan Spakoski

Ella Skeiber                                                       Luke Williams



U14 Girls                                                         U14 Boys

Ava Bonomi                                                     Jack Avedissian

Ava Burridge                                                    Dylan Baldwin

Hannah D’Angelo                                            Joel Binette

Jillian Flaherty                                                  Lorenzo Ferraro

Cece Goncalves                                                Mikey Giese

Alexis Gresham                                                Grayson Glass

Shealyn Harling                                                Alexander Govostes

Alissa Marcella                                                 Michael Marcella

Maeve McCafferty                                            Tommy McAuliffe

Addison Nee                                                      Matthew Polvere

Charlotte O’Dette                                              Nate Riley

Lauren Perry                                                      Owen Rushing

Ella Price                                                            Gavin Santoro

Mary Quatrale                                                    Chase Steinkrauss

Sadie Quatrale                                                    Wes Wiggins

Violet Rioux                                                       Charlie Williams

Molly Sheehan                                                    Alexander Zaneski

Sarah Williams

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