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Pembroke Youth Soccer

Date: 3/9/2015

Article I Organization Name

  1. The name of this nonprofit organization shall be Pembroke Youth Soccer (PYS).

Article II Affiliations

  1. PYS shall be affiliated with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL).

Article III Mission and Vision Statement

  1. The objective of Pembroke Youth Soccer shall be to implant in the youth of the community of Pembroke the ideals of sportsmanship, character, honesty, loyalty and confidence by providing supervised competition through the game of soccer.
  2. The vision of Pembroke Youth Soccer is to provide an outstanding soccer program and to be recognized for progressive contribution to the youth of the community of Pembroke.

Article IV Membership

  1. The elected members of the PYS Board of Directors consisting of the Executive Board Members and the General Board Members shall comprise the voting membership of PYS.
  2. All coaches, parents and legal guardians of players in the PYS program, including those in Article IV-A above, shall be considered the general membership of PYS. The general membership shall elect the PYS Board of Directors.
  3. All interested persons not included above, upon an affirmative vote by simple majority of the PYS Board of Directors shall become general members of PYS.

Article V Board of Directors

  1. The PYS Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Board Members, those being elected to the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar, and the elected General Board Members, consisting of no fewer than 3 members and no greater than 18 members.
  2. The PYS Board of Directors (i.e. Executive Board Members and General Board Members) shall be elected for a one-year term of office by a simple majority vote cast by the PYS general membership at the November General Meeting.
  3. Each term of office shall run from December 1 to November 30.
  4. The PYS Board of Directors shall meet the second or third Wednesday of every month, a minimum of nine (9) times per year. The meetings are open to the general membership, however, only the elected Board of Directors, defined in Article V-A, may put forth a motion or cast a vote.
  5. The PYS Board of Directors shall be responsible for implementation of the general policy and overall management and control of the affairs for PYS.
  6. The PYS Executive Committee shall have the authority to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline any PYS board member, coach, referee, or other person whose conduct is considered unbecoming or detrimental to the best interests of the program. Any actions of this nature require a simple majority vote. The individual(s) being reprimanded have the right to receive a written notice of the complaint prior to the meeting and has the right to address the Executive Board prior to any decision being rendered. The individual(s) has the right to appeal any decision made by the Executive Committee to the General Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. This appeal must be made in writing to the President of PYS at least 48 hours prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting.
  7. The PYS Executive Board may collectively spend up to $1,500 per expenditure per quarter for the administration and operation of the program. Expenditures must be reported at the next board meeting and recorded in the minutes. Expenditures over $1,500 need a majority vote by the PYS Board of Directors.
  8. The President (or Vice-President acting on his/her behalf) plus six (6) PYS Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any PYS meeting.
  9. Items not governed by these By-laws shall be governed by MYSA, USYSA or Coastal Youth Soccer League (for league related matters) rules and regulations. Items of procedure not covered under these By-laws shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Article VI General Meeting

  1. A meeting of the general members of PYS shall be held on the second Wednesday of November and at others times as deemed necessary by the PYS Board of Directors.
  2. An announcement of the general meeting shall be publicized  on the PYS website.
  3. A simple majority of the PYS general membership present at a meeting shall be required to approve those items brought before the PYS general membership.
  4. A quorum for the general meeting shall consist of thirteen (13) general members as defined in Article IV.

Article VII Evaluation Process for Select Teams

  1. PYS shall maintain a written process which shall govern the selection of players and coaches to Select Teams. This process shall include evaluation criteria and the administrative process involved in selecting players to Select Teams in the U12 and U14 age groups.
  2. Changes to the Select Team Evaluation Process require a simple majority vote by the PYS Board of Directors.

Article VIII Amendments

  1. These By-laws may be amended annually at the February meeting or via a special General Meeting deemed necessary by the PYS Board of Directors. Notice of the meeting and the proposed amendments shall be published in the local newspaper and on the PYS website thirty (30) calendar days prior to the meeting.

Article IX Registration

  1. The PYS Board of Directors shall set registration fees.
  2. Registration fees shall be reviewed and, if necessary, revised annually for current and future planning.
  3. Registration fees shall be for the purpose of meeting operational and capital expenses and verified by the Executive Board in carrying out its duties as outlined in these By-laws.
  4. A player will not be allowed to play for a team above his/her age group unless he/she is grade appropriate. Exception to this policy can be made by majority vote of the PYS Board of Directors.
  5. A player will only be allowed to play for a team below his/her age group for safety reasons or in a case where a disability warrants such placement. These decisions require a majority vote of the PYS Board of Directors.
  6. Additionally, age group exceptions must comply with Coastal Youth Soccer League, MYSA and USYSA rules.

Article X Audit Policy

  1. A review of the finances of PYS shall be conducted annually after the fiscal year ends. The results of the review shall be conveyed to the PYS Board of Directors at the next meeting, following the completion of the review.
  2. The Review Committee shall consist of one or more people approved by the PYS Board of Directors.
  3. The fiscal year will run from January 1 to December 31.