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Spring Travel League


Player Draft – U10 Spring Season

The PYS Board of Directors will determine the number of Spring teams according to the guidelines previously set forth in this document. 
If it is determined that the same number of teams will be fielded in the spring, the coordinator will confidentially ask each coach if they want to re-draft or leave the teams as is.  If any coach desires a re-draft, then the PYS Executive Board will review the reasoning behind the request and determine if a redraft is in order. 
If it is determined that a re-draft will take place, the spring U10 re-draft will be done face down according to the same protocol of the fall draft. The only exception will be all players will be evaluated by their coach from the fall season using the U10 guidelines state above.


Player Draft – U12 & U14 Non-Select Teams Spring Season

During the spring season, all U12 and U14 teams participate in the Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL).  While the development and enjoyment of the players is still most important, it is a more competitive environment compared to the fall season since standings are kept and most of the games are against other towns. 
Once the Select Teams are chosen (see “Choosing the Select Team” sections), the PYS Board will schedule a draft with their coaches to determine the team assignment for the remaining players.  This should be done about a week before the target date for player notifications.  At the draft, the coaches first rank the players according to the guidelines below based on their prior experience with the players. The coordinator can share information from the player evaluations when necessary to help in the ranking of the players.  Where possible, it may be helpful to rank players so the number of players in each group is evenly divisible by the number of teams.  To help keep teams balanced, only parental requests for siblings to play together or extenuating circumstances will be considered (i.e. no requests for friends, coaches).
These are the top remaining players
Highly athletic, somewhat skilled players, understand the rules and positioning
Somewhat skilled players, understand the rules and positioning
Less skilled players, understand the rules and positioning
Players that still need development
These are the unknowns – new player to the league, etc
Once ranked, the draft takes place with player cards FACE UP.  This will make it possible to keep players who have played together in the past on the same team.  The coordinator will have each coach pick a number from a hat to determine who will have the first pick.  The order will then be reversed on subsequent rotations.  The coordinator should ensure that teams receive a fair distribution of older/younger players.  The ranking of the coach’s and assistant coach’s players needs to be accounted for so this does not make the teams uneven.  Assistant coaches must be identified prior to the draft and their child must be rated.


Coastal Youth Soccer League

PYS is a member of the organization known as the Coastal Youth Soccer League. Here-in referred to as the CYSL. The purpose of the CYSL shall be to foster the development of soccer. Promote sportsmanship and goodwill between members and to formulate uniform regulations and controls within the Organization. The CYSL shall be affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association, United States Soccer Federation and Federation De Internationale Football Association.

The Membership of the CYSL shall consist of the following Associations: Carver YSA, Cohasset YSA, Duxbury YSA, Halifax YSA, Hanover YSA, Hingham YSA, Hull YSA, Kingston YSA, Marshfield YSA, Middleboro YSA, Norwell YSA, Pembroke YSA, Plymouth YSA, Plympton YSA, Sacred Heart YSA and Scituate YSA.
There will be a First Division and Second Division in the U12 through U19 age groups.  If an Association has one or more teams in a sex/age group, then one team must be entered into the First Division. For U10 all teams will be level picked.
Current FIFA, USYSA and MYSA rules shall be in effect except as specifically stated in these rules. The CYSL Standards Committee will be the final authority on any point covered by the game Rules, FIFA, USYSA or MYSA rules. A CYSL-specific rules summary is available on each age group league page.

Teams will be awarded points as follows: Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points. In the event of a forfeit, the team forfeiting receives 0 points: the other team receives 3 points. The U10 League does not post results or standings. But scores are required for Jamboree seedings.
The CYSL Statistician will maintain a record of all scores, results and standings. Each PYS Coach must report game results from all games each weekend to the PYS Statistician who will forward all results to the League Statistician during the week following the games. A Member Association will be subject to a $50.00 fine for game results not received within 10 days of the scheduled game unless such game is postponed or cancelled by the CYSL. Associations must report all postponements within same ten days.
Signed Pass cards will be used for all League games. Passes must be typed and certified (signed) by each Association Registrar or President. Pass cards for all players and coaches require a photograph and ‘lamination” no later than May first (1st). Signatures, pictures and laminations are recommended for U10 but not required. Pass cards and two copies of MYSA team roster must be submitted to the referee before each game. If cards and/or rosters are not available, team has until the end of the game to produce missing documents. If they are not available at game’s end, forfeit will be declared against the team without documentation. The Referee will insure that the MYSA team rosters and player pass cards match the players dressed for the game. The Referee will keep all players’ pass cards until after the game. In the event of a red card or other ejection, the Referee will retain ejected player(s) pass card(s). The referee shall forward the pass cards and a game report to Standards Committee within three (3) days. Referees will sign each team’s roster, indicate the final score and give a copy to opposing coaches. Teams must have a carded coach present at each game, whose responsibilities shall include maintaining control and discipline over the team. Coaches will be issued a coaches pass card with a maximum of three (3) per team. In the event a team appears without a carded coach, a clearly responsible adult substitute, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, with positive identification, will assume the coaching responsibility. The referee shall note the person’s name, address and telephone number on the game roster.
Teams that have not arrived at the playing field 20 minutes after the scheduled start shall forfeit the game. Teams committing a no show forfeit the day of the game will be fined $50.00. Teams forfeiting with notification prior to the date of the game will be fined $20.00.

: Home team coaches are responsible for immediately notifying the visiting team coach. If you cannot contact the visiting coach two hours prior to a rained out game, then please be at the field to notify the visiting coach. Unless notified by the Town Coordinator or home team coach, teams must report to the scheduled field where the decision to play is made by the assigned referee. Any canceled games in the month of April must be played before May 15. Any canceled games in May or June must be played before the last game of the season. Forfeits will result if the above procedure was not followed or games are not played within the make up period. An appropriate fine (8f) is charged when a game is forfeited.
HALTED PLAY: In the event of electric and/or thunderstorms, the game shall be stopped for the duration of the storm. Re-starts are solely the referee’s decision. If the game cannot be restarted, it shall be replayed. Any halted games in the month of April must be played before May 15, any halted games in May or June must be played before the last game of the season. Forfeits will result if the game is not played within the make up period. An appropriate fine (8f) is charged when a game is forfeited.
MEMORIAL DAY: An Associations number one (1) team may reschedule Memorial Day weekend games if they have nine (9) or less players for 11 v 11; six (6) or less players for 8v8. Notification of postponement must be made by the first Saturday in May. All other teams will be allowed to reschedule the Memorial Day weekend game if their entire team is entered in a Memorial Day soccer tournament. Coaches postponing the game must notify their Division Coordinator, who must provide in writing, to the SC, the name of the tournament(s) and players participating. Any games rescheduled for Memorial Day weekend must be played before Memorial Day. Forfeits will result if the reporting procedure and rescheduling procedure is not followed or the make up game is not played within the make up period. An appropriate fine (8f) is charged when a game is forfeited.
SCHEDULING PROCEDURES FOR ALL MAKE UP GAMES :Home coach will provide the away coach and each Town Coordinator with a list of three (3) different dates and times within 5 days of initial notification. The away coach must respond within 5 days of receiving the dates. If the coaches cannot agree, Town Coordinators must attempt to resolve the dispute. If the Town Coordinators cannot agree to a date, the matter will be forwarded to the Standards Committee. Notice of the Standards Committee decision shall be given in writing to both teams.


The Coastal Youth Soccer League has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy, which is posted on this web site. All Member Associations have agreed to follow this policy. Team Officials, coaches and managers, are to maintain the highest Standards of conduct for themselves, their players and supporters at all match. Abusive and obscene language, violent play, violent conduct, fighting and other behavior detrimental to the game, will not be tolerated.
Team Officials, coaches and managers, must fully support the referee at all times. In cases where the fans are, in the opinion of the referee, getting out of hand (verbal abuse to the referee, opposing players, coaches or opposing spectators) the referee has the power to stop the game and ask the appropriate coach to get his or her fans under control. In no case, will the referee deal directly with a spectator. If after the appropriate coach has tried to comply with the referee’s request and the problem still exist, the referee can terminate the game and make a full report to the Standards Committee Chairman. In cases where the spectator affiliation cannot be determined, it is up to the home team coach to address the situation. If the situation is not corrected, the referee can terminate the game.
If a team official, coach or manager is “sent off” from the field for conduct, he/she will receive an automatic 3 game suspension. Such suspension will apply to the team that the person was coaching at the time of the ejection. Should there not be enough games remaining in the regular season and playoffs for that year, such suspension will carry over into the following CYSL season.
All coaches and non-playing players must stay on their own half of the field, at least 5 yards from the midfield line. Substitute players waiting to enter the game should wait on their own half of the field at the midfield line. Players and coaches may not enter the field of play unless invited by the referee. Spectators are expected to stay five (3) yards from the touchline. No spectators allowed behind goals or end lines.