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Pembroke Youth Soccer
 U12 & U14 Select Program
PYS Select teams are composed of many of the most advanced PYS players as indicated by performance at the PYS annual Select Team Player Evaluations.  These players are chosen to compete against players of similar skill and commitment from other South Shore towns in Division 1 and 2 of the Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL).  Teams compete for the CYSL Division 1 and 2 titles and a bid to the annual Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC).  MTOC is the state championship tournament for town associations across Massachusetts.

Being a member of a PYS Select team is a privilege for skilled and committed PYS players.  It is an opportunity for young developing players to represent the town of Pembroke in the most competitive division of statewide town soccer.  Players are chosen to represent Pembroke based on their performance at evaluations (try-outs).  Try-outs are held in June annually.  There are typically two Select teams chosen per division, an "A" team and a "B" team, with the "A" team being identified as the stronger of the two.

The try-out process PYS utilizes to determine which players will form the Select Teams in the U12 and U14 age groups.  The process is based on formula's recommended by MYSA and US Youth Soccer.  The process is reviewed annually in the spring by the BOD Rules and Evaluations Committee.  Changes and updates are made as necessary to keep the process up to date.  Our objective is to impartially evaluate players based on their achievement toward age appropriate mastery of the four components of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological.


Select Program Coach and Player Selection Procedures


Congratulations to our Select Team coaches for the 2022-2023 season:


U12 Girls 1 - Meredith McCafferty

U14 Girls 1 - Adam Fay

U12 Boys 1 - Dan Zaccardi

U14 Boys 1 - Mark Williams