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  • Seasonally, when field condition permits, PYS will make fields available for rent on weekends; primarily Sundays; to MYSA recognized soccer clubs participating in sanctioned competition.
  • MYSA recognition is required for insurance and liability purposes.
  • PYS teams will have first priority to schedule fields. After which, all field requests will be honored on a first come-first served basis.
  • For spring season, field confirmations will not be provided until after the CYSL schedule is released and accomodated. This may not occur until the second week of April.
  • On weekday evenings in season all fields are reserved after 5:00pm for PYS team practices and rescheduled games.
  • PYS stripes fields based on its needs for the season. Fields for rent will be those striped for PYS and may change season to season. Striping will be maintained throughout the season. PYS reserves the right to change field lay-outs as needed.
  • PYS does not set up fields for rental games. Any movement of goals or equipment is the responsibility of the renter. Damaged or missing equipment will be the responsibility of the renter if determined it occurred during a rental period.
  • PYS is engaged in a reciprical agreement with PHS. PYS provides practice and competition fields to PHS soccer in the fall and practice fields. PHS scheduling takes high priority during these high school seasons.
  • The PHS Turf is not a PYS facility. Reservation inquiries should be directed to the Athletic Director  at Pembroke Public Schools.
  • Athletic organizations, teams or camps interested in renting field space for activities must provide proof of liability insurance and a waiver of liability for PYS.
  • Camps and other organizations may make requests to rent field space during summer months. Space available will be dicated by needed field repairs and rehabilitation.
  • The PYS BOD will make the final decision as to when and to whom to rent fields. 
  • Field rental income is raised to offset the costs of field and equipment maintenance for the benefit of PYS and PHS. 


Rental of field space Monday-Saturday may be negotiated.

Facilities Use Applicants,

The following information should be reviewed carefully to insure the timely processing and approval for facilities utilization requests.

Request forms may be obtained by clicking here
Applications are to be fully completed and payment of all past season fees must be up to date before final approval for any request is given.
No application will be fully processed without meeting these requirements.

Facility approvals will be granted utilizing the following priority listing and classifications:

  1.  Pembroke Youth Soccer Use
  2. Pembroke Schools Use
  3. Other Youth Soccer Non-Profit
  4. Pembroke Youth Non-Profit
  5. Pembroke Adult Non-Profit
  6. Pembroke Youth For-Profit
  7. Pembroke Adult For-Profit
  8. All Other Groups

To be defined as a Pembroke Group those groups applying must serve participants composed of 80% Pembroke Residents.

Should more than one group request the same dates and times which can not be resolved using the above priorities, permit will be established by lot. Any protests concerning the resolution of conflicting building/field requests must be filed in writing with the PYS BOD within 14 calendar days after the date of decision.

  1. All expenses for personnel required for the activity will be paid by the organization renting the facility in advance.
  2. Police Coverage, if needed, is the responsibility of the applicant organization. The organization will contact the Pembroke Police Department directly to arrange for supervision and will pay for those services.
  3. The need for additional supervision or services will be determined by the PYS BOD.
  4. Proof of insurance and any signed required waivers of liability must be presented prior to final approval being given.
  5. Users will be held responsible for any damage caused to the facilities. Further, users are prohibited from changing any fields or equipment. Users will be required to report, immediately, to appropriate PYS authorities any damage to fields, facilities or other equipment.
  6. Checks should be made payable to: Pembroke Youth Soccer and mailed to P.O. Box 323 Pembroke, MA 02359
  7. In the event applications for multiple uses exists, PYS has the right to pre-emptive use of the facility if they so need.

Please carefully review all conditions and guidelines for Building/Facility Use on the attached.  Any violation of these conditions may cause revocation of approval to use the building or prohibit approval of any subsequent requests for use of the building