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CORI Policies and Procedures
for all PYS Volunteers



The Criminal Offender Record Information (“CORI”) laws and regulations in Massachusetts were first enacted in the early 1970s. While they have and continue to undergo a number of changes and developments, their primary focus remains intact. CORI is designed to protect the general public from exposure to potentially dangerous individuals with a criminal past. Organizations that serve vulnerable segments of the population such as Massachusetts Youth Soccer are given limited access to information about prospective coaches, administrators, volunteers and employees who may have a serious criminal history and who may pose a significant threat to the children involved in youth soccer across the state.
The agency that oversees Criminal Background Checks in the Commonwealth is the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS). To access the new CORI Information Page, CLICK HERE. This page on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website has numerous resources concerning the capable and effective administration of the CORI laws.
This web page is designed to help clarify the policies and procedures Massachusetts Youth Soccer and all of our affiliated organizations MUST follow when conducting criminal background checks.
Each youth soccer organization is required to identify a CORI submitter and Massachusetts Youth Soccer will qualify that person with the State CORI Office. The CORI background checks will then be initiated by that CORI Submitter. Hence, each club or team will have one qualified CORI Submitter who will check picture IDs, keep a copy of the ID’s on file, and to begin the background check process by submitting all adults’ information on the iCORI template to Tamie Endow at . This information will be submitted twice a year on the following schedule.

Fall - July 1
Spring – February 1
Please keep in mind that this is the initial file additional files can be submitted closer to the start of the season, if additional coaches are identified.
The results will come directly to Massachusetts Youth Soccer. To improve the process for all of us, we will then provide you instant feedback as to the results through our new online registration provider, Korrio.
For any questions concerning CORI procedures, report or problems please contac Massachusetts Youth Soccer’s Cori Administrator, Tamie Endow, at or at 978-466-8812 x 235