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Below are the rules for the CYSL U10 League. These rules are based on a recommended program from theUSYSA plus additions by a CYSL U10 Committee. The purpose of the program is to provide atmosphere where the players feel free to try a lot of different techniques without being concerned about winning or losing. Coaching emphasis should be skills and ball control by the individual player. Fewer players are being put on a small field to ensure that each player has a lot of touches of the ball. By extending the small field concept to the Ul0s, we expect the players to have better skills at the U12 level when they should begin to learn tactics

Suggested Game Times

Saturdays-- Girls - 9:00am; Boys 1:00pm. The Home Team coach is responsible for notifying the Visiting Team coach of game times, time changes, field changes and weather postponements

Game Format  7 v 7 includes Goalkeeper
Field Dimensions/Markings

The field of play shall be rectangular, with a suggested length of 60 yards and a width of 40 yards. The length in all cases shall exceed the width. Fields will vary. Striping: Not more than 5 inches wide.  Midfiled line shall be marked across the field. A center circle with a radius of 8 yards. Four corner arcs with a 1 yard radius. Goal area - 6 yards from each goal post and 6 yards into the field of play joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal-line. Penalty area - 14 yards from each goal post and 14 yards into the field of play joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal-line.

Goal Dimensions

Maximum 7 feet high and 21 feet wide. Minimum size of 7 feel high and 12 feet wide. Size will vary.

Referees Center Referee only
Minimum Ref Certification Grade 9
Game Length 65 minutes; two 30 minute halves
Breaks 5 minute half time
# of players  CYSL- A minimum of 7 players must be present to begin play. If 7 players are not present 20 minutes after scheduled start, a forfeit win is awarded to the team with 7 or more players. If both teams have 7 or less players 20 minutes after the scheduled start, then a forfeit loss is assessed to both teams.
Req'd Equipment  Uniforms and equipment will consist of numbered shirts, shorts, socks, and suitable soccer shoes or sneakers. In cases where the colors conflict, the home team must wear an alternate color shirt or pinnie. All shirts must have clearly legible numbers on back or the original number must be clearly visible through the pinnie with no duplicate numbers. Players will be allowed to wear sweat clothes under their uniforms only if sweat clothes match the colors submitted to league. A player shall not wear anything that is considered by the Referee to be dangerous to themselves or to other players. Players will not be allowed to wear any of the following: earrings, finger rings, barrettes of any type, wrist watches, wrist chains, neck chains, shoes with metal cleats, or casts of any type. Sh i n - g u a r d s a r e m a n d a t o r y Players who must wear glasses during the game must wear a glass strap.
Ball Size #4. Home team is expected to provide a properly inflated game ball.
Subs On goal kick by either team, after a goal by either team, half-time, during injury stoppage by either team, prior to your own throw-in, prior to your opponents throw-in if they sub.

An injured player must be substituted when he/she is down and the referee stops the play. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule. The injured player may return to the game on the next substitution.

FIFA/CYSL- An indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team when, a goalkeeper handles the ball within his/her penalty area and throws, punts, or kicks the ball across midfield without making contact with the goalkeepers side of the field or being touched by any player on that side of the field. If a goalkeeper dribbles the ball outside the penalty area or does not play the ball with the hands, then the kick may cross the midfield.

Goal Kicks/Corner Kicks FIFA/CYSL: An indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team when a goalkeeper and/or field player, when making a goal kick, kicks the ball across midfield without making contact with his/her side of the field or being touched by any player on that side of the field. In both cases, the indirect free kick will be taken at the point of the midfield line where the ball crossed.
Thrown-ins  FIFA
Free Kicks  FIFA/CYSL-The penalty mark is ten (10) yards from the center of the goal line and those players other than the kicker and defending goalkeeper are at least eight (8) yards from the penalty marc.
Kick-offs  FIFA
Required Distance  8 yds
Offside  FIFA
Fouls  FIFA

Duxbury U10 Jamboree
June 8, 2013


All PYS U10 Teams participate in the year-end Duxbury Jamboree
held on the 10th week of the spring season at Chandler Fields, Duxbury 

Please try and get your teams to register 20 minutes before their first game.  We will have a registration tent where every team must check in.  Teams will be given their three game schedule, a Coastal Jamboree Pins, and a trash bag. 
There will be Tee shirts on sale, Pizza Hot Dogs, Ice Cream and drinks on sale.
We ask that if you park on Chandler Street you only park on the "field" side of the street.  Do not park on the "Houses" side.  We encourage people to park in the parking lot of Chandler School.
All games will start on time.  They will be timed at the concession stand.  The sooner your game starts the more playing time you will get.