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Game Manager Info

Game Manager Assignments for 6/3/2023

Date Time Location Visitor Home Game Manager 1 Game Manager 2
6/3/2023 2:45 PM Field 3C U7/U8 Girls - 02 - Blue (Doton/Taber) U7/U8 Girls - 04 - Grey (Thiele/Hanlon) Addison Nee Rowan Pratt
6/3/2023 2:45 PM Field 3D U7/U8 Girls - 01- Pink (Hannon/Sullivan/Pelletier) U7/U8 Girls - 03 - Orange (Llanes/Correiro) Seamus McFarland Nathaniel Cannell
6/3/2023 4:00 PM Field 3C U7 Boys - 02 (McDonough) U7 Boys - 03 (Wendel) Addison Nee Nathaniel Cannell
6/3/2023 4:00 PM Field 3D U7 Boys - 04 (McDonald) U7 Boys - 01 (Lu) Rowan Pratt Charlie Jarrett
6/3/2023 5:15 PM Field 3C U8 Boys - 01 (Murphy) U8 Boys - 03 (Marani) Luke Williams Charlie Jarrett
6/3/2023 5:15 PM Field 3D U8 Boys - 02 (Grey) U8 Boys - 04 (Harling) Charlie Sawyer Brendan Sawyer
6/3/2023 6:30 PM Field 3C U8 Boys - 01 (Murphy) U8 Boys - 05 (Armstrong) Charlie Sawyer Brendan Sawyer


Spring 2023 Sign Ups   

Fill out this form out to be added to the game manager list>  https://forms.gle/anvpQwSdaY1Ya1WM7

(Note:  Must be at least 12 year of age and must be signed up before you can enter any game availability)

Game Managers:  Please fill out a Game Manager Report after each game

Enter your availability by date

Rules for U7 and U8 Soccer

Pre-Game Guidelines:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before game time.
  • Introduce yourself to the coaches - Make sure they have their lanyards
  • Write down the coaches name and their team color
  • Make sure the nets are secure.
  • Make sure you are using a size 3 ball (provided by the coaches)
  • Make sure the players are properly equipped with shin guards
  • 1st game of the day -take equipment out and set up the fields
  • Last game of the date - break down the fields and put equipment away
  • Fill out a game report within 24 hours.   


Game Guidelines:

  • Off Side is NOT enforced.
  • No penalty kicks
  • 5 v 5 - 2 games will occur at once
  • Four 12 minute quarters (2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes at half time)
  • A designated goalie can use their hand
  • Goal kicks can not cross mid field
  • No cards at this age - Just TIME OUTS
  • Goals can not be scored from kick off, free kicks or kick ins
  • Coin toss is used to start the game
  • The winner of the coin toss picks the goal they want to defend
  • The opposition gets to kick off
  • Teams alternate kick-offs to start each half.  A goal can not be scored from a kick off.
  • Teams switch sides at half-time
  • Fouls are penalized with an Free Kick (FK) from the spot of the foul. If committed in goal Area, the closest spot the goal area line. Fouls are 1) Dangerous play (I.E. Slide tackling from behind) or 2) Impeding an opponent
  • Substituting - Open substitutions are up to you.  Otherwise, coaches can substitute for an injury or at any stoppage when the ball is off the field such as a Goal Kick,  Corner Kick, Any Throw-in or After a goal
  • Ball Goes out Of Bounds  If the ball goes out of bounds, the ball is “Thrown-In” with a KICK-IN 
  • The ball is placed on the sideline 
  • A player then kicks it into play 
  • Opponents must be 4 yards away 
  • Must fill out a post Game Manager Report


General Rules:

  • Kids with a cast CAN NOT play...even if it is bubble wrapped.  CAST means any brace with a hard pieces (plaster, metal or plastic)
  • Players must have proper equipment  - and can not play without shinguards
  • Lighting/thunder - “HEAR IT = CLEAR IT”. Must have 30 minutes with no thunder or lightning before you can resume a game.

Parents and Coaches

  • Parents and other spectators should be on the opposite side of the field from the teams 
  • Coaches are not permitted on the Field



What is the difference between a game manager and referee?









Must be certified annually by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee

Minimum Age


Aged 12 and up

Aged 14 and up


Age Group

U7 and U8

U10 and up