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Date: March 7, 2014
To: Coastal Youth Soccer League Registrars
Subject: Spring 2014 Coastal League Registrar Registration and Roster Deadlines
In accordance with the By-laws of the Coastal Youth Soccer League the League Registrar announces the following 2014 Season League Registrar Deadlines. This memo is being e-mailed on this date and will be submitted to be recorded by the League Secretary within the minutes of the Coastal League meeting to be held on March 11, 2014
Preliminary Rosters submitted to the Competition Committee were used to develop the Matrix for U12 AND U14 Spring Play AND AS OF January 07th 2014 ARE frozen.
After this date, ALL future team player ADDS OR CHANGES MUST be presented to and approved by the Competition Committee prior to submitting revised rosters to the League Registrar for validation.
By Friday, February 7, 2014 Submit to the Mass Youth Soccer an up-to-date Association Registration
Database listing ALL Adults and Players COMPLETE all required information (i.e. DOB). Submitted your database electronically per MYSA guidelines http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/registration2011.aspx
Copy to:  Kevin Cantwell    
Your database is used to process your Spring Play Rosters. You may start submitting Spring Play Rosters to the League Registrar once you have submitted your database to Mass Youth Soccer.
The CYSL League Registrar will only accept Rosters from the Association Registrar or Association President. In submitting rosters for validation your registrar is certifying that all the players and coaches listed on the roster(s) are properly registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
Rosters must be in a format used by MA Youth Soccer or various registration software formats (Ie Sportspilot, Blue Sombrero). The Roster format used by MA Youth Soccer is available at:
Rosters are required for all Coastal League Teams and must be submitted electronically in WORD, EXCEL or PDF format.
2. SUBMISSION OF ROSTERS Saturday,March 15, 2014
ROSTERS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED DIRECTLY FROM THE ASSOCIATION REGISTRAR OR PRESIDENT. League rosters must be submitted electronically to the League Registrar for validation.  ALLOW a reasonable time frame to verify player affiliation and roster examination. It will speed up affiliation verification if the database is submitted to me sorted by age group and team.
Coastal League Spring play roster deadline is Saturday, March 15, 2014 in order to have them validated for week 1.
This is a deadline for submitting your spring play rosters to the League Registrar for validation. Per CYSL Bylaws this deadline applies to all U12 and older team rosters, but I would like the U10’s as well.
In submitting rosters for validation Registrars are reminded to allow a sufficient time for the rosters to be checked, validated and returned so it is available for coaches meetings.
All Rosters must list players in alphabetical order (by last name) and the on the Rosters teams should be listed as U12-1, U12-2 etc not U12 Green, U12 Blue
3.    Roster Adds/Changes
The Spring Play Rosters will be checked against Preliminary Rosters used by the Competition Committee to prepare the Spring Play Matrix. Spring play rosters must be the same OR the Registrar must have prior approval for a roster change from the Chairman of the Competition Committee. This includes any newly registered players added to rosters or as well as any changes to the rosters (i.e. John Smith was moved from U12-3 to U12-1).
In addition once the initial rosters have been approved for spring play I want a statement from the registrar with each request stating that the players being added have been sent to MYSA in case there is a lag in reporting due to the adds.
Teams are limited to three (3) ADDS or TRANSFER requests [certain exceptions apply, See below] per team once the spring play rosters have been submitted for validation.
If you did not submit a preliminary roster for your teams you will be assessed your first ADD when you submit the spring play rosters.                     
a) The addition and removal of Coaches or
b) Players previously not affiliated with MYSA during the current soccer year (September 1st through August 31st) may be added to a roster, up to the roster maximum, at any time by submitting a request to the Competition Committee. 
Rosters will be verified once each week. Roster with changes requiring Competition Committee Approval will not be processed until the changes have been approved and the Competition Committee Chairman notifies you and I that the changes have been approved.
Rosters and Competition Committee approvals I receive by 9 PM on Wednesday will be returned in time for league play on the following Saturday.
4. Roster verification by Referees
Please inform all your referees. Rosters used in League Play are NOT VALID until signed by the team Coach, Town Registrar and bears the validation of the League Registrar. Additionally No Roster, which has penciled names or erasers, is valid for spring play.
5. MTOC ROSTER DEADLINE Sunday June 1, 2014
Teams who are still in MTOC Contention should submit new MTOC Rosters with jersey numbers by June 1st subject to the following: 
  1. Coastal League MTOC 11 v 11 eligible team rosters will be limited to
     18 players.
b) Coastal League MTOC 8 v 8 team eligible rosters will be limited to
      15 players.
The League Registrar will validate rosters for teams who advance to MTOC and mark this roster as your MTOC.
Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Cantwell
CYSL Registrar