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As follows using April 5th as an example:
For a player to be eligible to play in a game on Saturday April 5th 
1) Prior to submitting the change request list the Town registrar should check the registration database to (a) make sure the players are registered and (b) the database has been sent to the Coastal League registrar.
 2)  Towns should submit requests to change a roster to CC Chairman Ed Whelan and also no later than Monday 8:00 PM (3/31).  (Copy of excel form attached).
The CC chair will forward the request to the other CC members, which will vote on the changes no later than by Tuesday 8:00 PM (4/01).
At the same time you submit the change request to CC Chair the Town registrar should submit the new rosters to the League registrar Kevin Cantwell .
The submitted rosters will note the action (ADD) in the column to the right of the players name, sportspilot add the players below which is fine.
Please note requests to ADD U10’s do not need CC Approval unless you need a waiver for the number of players on the roster.  ALL Other ages U12-U19 player adds require CC Approval
In addition Associations that are combined in a “pool team” cannot add players unless they have been assigned to that “Pool Team” by the Competition Committee.
3) The Competition Committee Approvals will be done by Wednesday of each week.  The approved list will be sent to CYSL Registrar on Wednesday night (4/03).  The CC will also notify the Towns REGISTRAR of the approval.
The Competition Committee (CC) is then done with the process ADD/DROP Procedure
 4) Upon receipt of the CC weekly approval
Rosters submitted to the Registrar for approval will first be compared to Rosters initially submitted to the Competition Committee, which were used to form the Spring Play Matrix and then if a difference is found the Roster will then be compared to Roster changes approved by the Competition Committee. 
Competition Committee approvals and Rosters in the hands of the Registrar by 9 PM Wednesday night will be acted upon prior to Saturday league play.
Approvals and Rosters received after 9 PM Wednesday will  NOT be acted upon until the following week.  This process will allow the Registrar time for roster examination, adjustment, correction, verification, validation and return to the Association Registrar prior to Saturday games.  
On below sample Tony Smith is a straight add and since he is a new registrant the Association would not be charged with one of its 3 changes (per roster).
The 2nd ADD/Drop is a transfer of Bill Jones from team 4 to team 3 which would count as one of the teams 3 changes.  So you would submit two rosters one for each team.
The 3rd add was a straight add as well and the explanation contains the club info. 
Coaches added do not count as a change.
Any questions let me know.                                                         CYSL ADD/DROP FORM
Kevin Cantwell